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Our Mission

Our private soccer training program takes on beginners, club, high school, and collegiate level soccer players who are looking to improve their skill level. We provide a high intensity soccer training to push our athletes to their peak performance. We train kids in Springfield, IL. and surrounding areas.

Our goal is to help players build their confidence, improve their technique, change their mindset, and improve their game and start crushing their goals. Our trainers goal is to get the max effort out of our players during training while still providing the high quality of play. We have systems in place for all different skill levels from beginner to collegiate we realize all players have different skill sets and weaknesses so we tailor our training to fit the individual player.

Our team


Trainer Marcus

Playing Experience

  • 4 years varsity Springfield High School

  • 1 year starter at Lincolnland Community Soccer

  • 1993-2004 played competitively at SASA (Springfield Area Soccer Association)

Coaching Experience

  • Mt. Pulaski high school coach

  • Youth soccer coach

Favorite soccer memory

  • National 3v3 soccer champion


trainer kayode

Playing Experience

  • 3 years varsity Glenwood High School

  • 2 year starter at Lincolnland Community Soccer

Coaching License

  • 7v7 Grassroots License

Coaching Experience

  • SASA 08 Boys 2018-2019

  • SASA 09 boys 2019-2020

  • SASA 14 girls 2020-2022

Favorite soccer memory

  • Attending the 94 World Cup with father

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